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No one has all the answers ... this is why we have joined others.  We are working hard so you can search for your ethnic roots, or just learn about specfic ethnic groups worldwide.

Veteran's Administration
Click here for VA history, support, benefits and your rights.

Johnstown & Cambria County Information
Links to Johnstown Thunder in Valley and much more

Polish National Alliance
Click here for POLISH support

Johnstown Flood National Park
Click here to learn about the facts behind the great flood of 1889

Jimmy Stewart Museum & Bio
Click here to learn more about Jimmy Stewart's home in Indiana, PA
Ellis Island information on all new immigrants
Statue of Liberty & Fireworks
Click here to find answers concerning anyone who has passed through the gates of Ellis Island.

Temiké! (Welcome) Thunder Mountain Lenapé Nation
We are a nation of Lenapé Indian families either by ancestry or adoption currently living in PA & OH

Johnstown Are Heritage Association
Click here for information on Johnstown Flood museum, Folk Fesitvale and more

Native American Heritage Association
Click to learn more - find your roots in the American Native Nations
Johnstown Bottle Works - Ethnic Arts Center
Click here for information on Ethnic Arts Center.

Welcome to the Slovak Cafe
Welcome to the grand-opening "preview" of our online cafe for promoting Slovak culture and arts.
Click this link for more information
Duquesne University TAMBURITZANS
is a unique ensemble of talented young folk artists dedicated to preserving ethnic dance & culture.

Our Fund Raising site!
Being a good steward means being able to manage your money. Click here to find huge savings!

Krakowiak Polish Dancers of Boston
Click to go to their site - view photos and mush more

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Facts about Johnstown, PA
Click here to find in Johnstown, jobs, stats, and more

Vital Records General Information
Birth Records and Search Abilities

Penn State Paranormal Research Center
Hailed as the best in the business, this team investigates to find the truth.

Visit Pennsylvania Web Site
Click here to find tons of information on the keystone state and its parks, dining, history, etc.

Cook Forest sawmill Center for the Arts
See you in the Forest..Where nature meets the arts!

Doubled Diamond Deer Farm
Click for information - Live piebald, albino, white-tail & brown deer.

Destination Amish Country
Smicksburg located in the heart of Amish Country. Click here to discover more.

Once Called the
A National Landmark - The Forest Cathedral - Oldest stand of white pine and hemlocks. 450 year old..

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