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Welcome to Pennsylvania Country, an on line newspaper targeting the people, their History, and their rich Ethnic stories. We also promote, people and business and their contributions to our region.  Do you have a story to tell?  A home with a unique background?  A favorite recipe passed from generation to generation in your family?  eMail us ... you could see your work published here!!!  
We also are collecting items to be put on display in the Laurel Highlands Historical Village when it is completed.  These items may connect you to your heritage or tell the story of the Laurel Highlands Area, with special interest in Johnstown and Indiana.  Please email us your contact information.

Angel Room at Shiloh Resort
Click here to visit their web site

Founders of Shiloh Resort
Ray & Doe Nemeth

GLOW from Shiloh, this beacon of solitude can be found within the Pennsylvania Wilds….

By Ron Shawley, Editor


Whether peeking around a tree watching the native wildlife playing at a remote woodland hideaway or taking in the view from your room of the startlingly beautiful setting surrounding you, there's a moment that defines the experience of staying at the Shiloh Resort. Shiloh is a breath of fresh air, a peaceful woodland experience, your extended family, and a piece of heaven on earth!  For many people, the defining moment here may well take place on one of the many hiking trails, which promise to be among the best in the Pennsylvania Wilds. Perched on a hillside in a quiet pocket of Cook Forest, the resort's guest rooms are each housed in a unique setting - in true family style. This would also apply to the cabins, each with a charm and special flair of their own.  The guest rooms, with the space and feel of a suite, each have a separate living area, small refrigerator, microwave, sink, and basic utensils.  The rooms have very large bathrooms, many feature a whirlpool bath . The décor is a contemporary take on the warmth of classic country style with painted finishes combined with rich tones of green and burnt orange, matching those found in a brilliant Pennsylvania fall forest.  C'est magnifique!  


Shiloh Resort caught me off guard as I discovered there were no televisions for viewing in the rooms.  Now,  we can debate this for hours, but, in short … we visit the forest for the beauty within, how can it be viewed when one is watching television? I could give you my comments but rather, here are a few comments from readers expressing their view on televisions in a resort such as Shiloh.


Diane Moyer - Johnstown, PA

I think many resorts do not offer TV's for the same reason some resorts do not allow children under a certain age.  It's because some people (myself and my husband included) do not want to hear anything but the sounds of peeper frogs and the gentle wind through the open jalousie shutters.  If I'm spending the big bucks on a hotel room, I'd be pretty irritated by the clown in the next room who just HAS to watch the "Big Game" and he has the TV cranked up full blast.  Yes, maybe he is getting to watch the TV that he can't live without for 7 days, but he is seriously infringing on MY right to enjoy my vacation.


Karen Long – Pittsburgh, PA

My husband and I have always enjoyed our travels without tv and in some settings like the Carribean, it seems rather jarring. We prefer the sound of the ocean or local music. In fact, I think it was after our trip to Little Dix that we returned home and swore off tv for over a year, maybe two - and we didn't miss it a bit. I suggest you try one trip without tv. You don't have to be extreme and give it up. But you might find that when you return, you'll both be happy to turn it off some nights and just enjoy a romantic evening together without the omnipresent screen.

Penny Toth –
State College, PA

I love the peace, quiet, solitude, of a resort.  Most of the places we enjoy do not have TV's, I really prefer total relaxation without a big sport event, cell phone ringing (and they do) and others loud noise. If you must have a TV, lots of luxury resorts have them. Let’s hope the ones that do not offer it in every room remain that way!  Today more than ever the family needs to retain its ability to be just that a family. Put away the toys of 2000 and break out the games of yesteryear, Monopoly, Scrabble, and so others. You may discover a whole new world you were missing, your family and their lives.,


Spend your next vacation at Shiloh Resort and experience life's simple pleasures.   Our 150 acre plus wooded resort is located on clean, beautiful, old growth timber just east of Cook Forest State Park.  

They offer comfortably equipped, completely winterized cabins, and wonderful woodland view sites provide your family with everything you will need for a memorable and relaxing stay. Explore our lovely woods to your hearts content, or swim and fish in our beautiful river in
Cook Forest filled with crappies, sunfish, bass, catfish, and our well known northerns. Or, if you like, pull up a lawn chair and soak up some sun on the lawn. Hop on your four wheeler or snowmobile and ride hundreds of miles of county trails.  Maps are available for your convenience. Exceptional  cross-country skiing is just minutes away. Hunters welcome!  Shiloh Resort truly offers you a four season experience.

Featuring fully furnished bedrooms with baths, camping, restaurant, pavilions, Shiloh Resort even has a geautiful chapel that is available for weddings, gatherings, and so much more. 

Shiloh Resort is a place and name given, by the Lord, to the founders Ray & Doe Nemeth. It is found in Genesis 49:10 “ The scepter shall not depart from Judah, nor a lawgiver from beneath his feet, until Shiloh comes; and unto Him shall the gathering of the people be.” Shiloh means Jesus, Peace, or place of rest.  This resort is just that, a place to relax and leave the world outside. In their younger years Ray and Doe were on the verge of divorce like so many Americans today. Ray was looking for work, both were just looking for happiness. With their fourth child on the way and house up for sale poor Doe was just having a rough time of it all. One day Doe, a devout Catholic at the end of her rope, heard the Gospel of Jesus Christ. "If you can’t carry your burdens anymore, why not let Jesus!"  Doe cried out to God, asking Jesus to come into her life, and gave Him the broken pieces of her life. At that moment God took her words, her broken pieces and started to put everything back together, only better is time.

Folks, many of you know me from my days in Christian Radio with the Family Radio Ministries. I have often spoken on the air that we must reach out to our brothers and sisters, that we must be as Christ, act like Christ and do as Christ.  Ray and Doe and their resort continue to be a beacon of hope for many who visit through out the year.  I have known very few ministers, much less lay people who make it their business to helping those in need. Ray and Doe have taken God's words and they play them out every day of their lives. If you’re troubled by life, work, and whatever bugs you, and you spend just one night at Shiloh, I promise you these children of God will open their hearts to you, and they will help you in any way they can. 

So, come on in, and look around, make Shiloh Resort your vacation home this year!



Honeymoon Suite
Nestled in the woods, hidden away and very romantic !!
Stay in this special room to celebrate your honeymoon, anniversary, birthday, or any day that is "special" to you!
King sized bed, sauna, mini kitchen with microwave, coffee pot, dishes, silverware & towels provided.   Heat provided by a beautiful gas log fireplace.  Heart-shaped jacuzzi tub in the bathroom,


Rocky II - One room - one double bed plus couch opens. Tables, chairs, stove, sink, refrigerator, No bathroom -- bathhouse nearby.  Sleeps 2-4 persons $50.00 per night; $280 a week

The Ray Hause - Living Room, fireplace, dining room, kitchen, bath, one bedroom downstairs with spiral staircase to 3 bedrooms in the loft. Back porch overlooking woods. 1-2 persons $130.00 per night; $5.00 for each additional person. $630.00 a week. Sleeps 2-8

Snoopy 1 - Snoopy 2 -- $20.00 A wood tent A-Frame to get you and your gear on dry ground. They're great! Sleeps 2-3. $140 weekly. Snoopy 2 is bigger than Snoopy 1 -- Sleeps 4-5 $175.00 weekly

The Park Model - Living Room/Dining/Kitchen/Bath w/Large Shower. 2 separate bedrooms with double bed, nice porch withpicnic table. 1-2 persons $90.00 per night; $5.00 for each additional person. $490 a week. Sleeps 2-6

The Doe Hut - LR with fireplace/kitchen/dining. Upstairs 2 bedroomswith 3 double beds, bath with shower 1-2 persons $100.00 per night; $5.00 each additional person. $560 a week. Sleeps 2-6

Mamma Doe’s Restaurant 

Folks, you know me I love my food! Mama Doe makes some of the best food I have ever eaten.  The food is all homemade from scratch, and it taste GREAT!

New at Mama Doe’s! Try Her Petite Menu Smaller Portion! Smaller price!! Only $6.50

All church services scheduled will be held at 10 a.m. unless otherwise indicated. On Sunday morning other than those listed below, Larry and Sharon Richter will have the services beginning at 10 a.m.

Shiloh Resort - Route 36 Clarington, PA 15828 
Phone: 814-752-2361 -- Fax: 814-752-2452

Rated #1 by Pennsylvania Country
Simply the best dining in the Pennsylvania Wilds!

The only resort with heart shaped jacuzzi
Romance in the WILDS!

Historical Landmark

Idlewild Park Where Memories Come to Life

By Ron Shawley

     The second oldest amusement park in the nation, Idlewild Park is a magical place to make wonderful memories.   Such a beautiful park, it is the perfect place to fall in love.  Nestled among the tall, whispering trees are amazing rides.  Modern rides, rare rides, nearly all suitable for every member of the family, it is the perfect place to take a everyone for an incredible day of fun and togetherness. 


     Walking into the world’s smallest train depot one can almost hearthe ticket agent, the hushed voices of thepassengers awaiting their ride home.  Originally built by Thomas Mellon to carry coal and timber

from mines near Ligonier, the railroad quickly gained favor as a passenger train with the destination being the area that we now call Idlewild Park.  As many as twelve thousand people have disembarked in a single day for a picnic and take in the breathtakingview and to enjoy Loyalhanna Creek.


The Auditorium, perched atop the hillside overlooking the train depot, in the earliest days found use as a dance hall.   Today available as a pavilion, it serves the many families and organizations that visit the park.   Always a great place to stop and enjoy a meal, it is the perfectlocation to relive the memories of earlier outings.


Beginning with a steam operated carousel in 1891, Idewild has transformed from a recreational picnic resort into a full scale, family oriented amusement park.  In 1932 a giant swimming pool opened, followed by, among other rides, a Ferris wheel, a Whip, a miniaturerailroad and a dark ride called the Rumpus.  Circuses, rodeos, and

grand firework displays offered, from the earliest days, delight forthe many families who traveled the Lincoln Highway to spend the day together.


The Rollo Coaster, built in the early days from wood harvested and with a sawmill built on the property specifically for the ride can be enjoyed today.  The Caterpillar, opened in 1946 is one of only two left operating with the canopy still intact.  This early ride offers something even today’s modern marvels cannot … the thrill of a stolen kiss under the canopy as the Caterpillar encircles the track.


Kiddie Land, now known as Racoon Lagoon and the home of a million smiles,  fills quickly with young families, many children enjoying their first visit to an amusement park.  Hot dogs, a ride on the Doodle Bug and a visit to Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood of Make-Believe leave children wide eyed as parents watch a new generation enjoying the

same boats, Ferris Wheel and duck pond they did many years earlier.


From the beginning days of this wonderful park, through many generations, and on into the future the fine folks at Idewild Park and Soak Zone have been careful to preserve the luscious trees and greenery their wonderful location provides.  New rides and attractions are selected for both their family appeal and their ability to fit within

the landscape of the park.  In the rare case any trees must be removed many others are planted to replace it.  Because of their attention to detail, even the hottest days of summer are enjoyable with the availability of shade for both attendees and their cars.


Idewild Park shares the deep, rich ethnic history that has made the Laurel Highlands a unique travel destination for families and individualsseeking a glimpse into their heritage.  The Scottish Highland days is one of the finest ethnic assemblies in the northeast.  The park is committedto preserving both its ethnic and historical heritage along with

supporting the communities it serves.


Idewild and Soak Zone is by far the best family friendly amusementpark in the east.  It is the perfect place for a family reunion, employee picnic, or just a fun day spent together as a family.  Looking at the past history of this park, the future can only bring more rides, attractions, and fun.  This is why Pennsylvania Country has rated IDLEWILD PARK as

the NUMBER ONE FAMILY PARK IN THE NORTHEAST.  Hope to see you there!


For more information concerning reservations, tickets, group salesand other park realated questions, click on the link below.



A cool night, a time for kicking back.....
A time to enjoy the sites and sounds...

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