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Laurel Highland's Historical Village

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This summer join us as we provide mini seminars for the whole family.  More importantly we want you to enjoy the beautiful surroundings in Brush Valley.

Children's Fishing Events in Kittanning - Raystown lake - Yellow Creek State Park


Various shows at area malls


Penn's Wood's Project, the educational element of LHHV, is a member of photo gallery. We encourgae anyone to visit AccuWeather, if your intrested in building a free site for posting pictures and videos - Unlimited.
To locate site go to then click on social tab then click on the photos tab. Once here just click the register to upload tab and fill out questions. You can make a school team i.e. Science, weather, Math, or football Team. You can use it for your family photos, of your vacations, your community, etc.

Come for the fishing ... stay for the fun!

 The PA Fish Commission will be on hand providing free fishing gear, free bait, and free boating lessons.  We contiune to have a variety of fishing days whereby we help children to fish. A lot of companies have helped us out and also their items  can be seen at shows.

LHHV an Penn's Wood's Project - Fishing Days

Sometime in 2013
Hope to see you their


Back by popular demand, stop in and dance the night away with us!! 
Door Prizes will be given away!
Only $20 per person

Dance Party

Special Thanks to the many companies who have helped with our fishing events and shows.
Lurenet - Plano Fishing - EZ eggs - Carolina Skiff -
Pinnicale Fishing - Joes Flies - Matzuo -Do It Molds 

Through out the year we have a number of Fishing Events where by we have an open door  policy. We encourgae everyone to come out for the day and fish. We provide special attention to special needs children, helping them to catch the fish.


JVX 18 Carolina Skiff

Through out the year we contiune to take both children and their parents fishing and boating. We want to send a special thanks to carolina Skiff who donated a JVX18 skiff for our use in the years ahead.
If you would like us to take your family fishing for a day please contact us

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Laurel Highlands Historical Village


1st Annual Joseph Wipey Day


August 25, 2012 /  1 – 6 pm


Place – Hinckston Run Reservoir

Follow the signs from route 271 north of Johnstown

Dedication of Joseph Wipey Trail

In honor of the Delaware Indian who lived peacefully on the Conemaugh River who tragically lost his life simply because he was an Indian. 

Daily events Include

        The story of Joseph Wipey..

Traditional Native American Dances

Horse Re-enactments past & present

    Order of the Arrow Boy Scouts

PA Fish Commission Presentation

      Refreshments & Snacks

        Laurel Highland’s Historical Village’s  

Short Story Contest

Johnstown has a rich history and we would like you to share with us a true story from your Johnstown Heritage.  The short story of 250 words or less should be about a person or place that has helped to shape the history of Johnstown. The contest is open to all students. Entries must be received by   October 31 2012. Prizes  will be awarded to the top 5 winning entries and the story will be featured on and winners will present their story at our             Fall Festival. Submit your story today to

For more information please contact us at 814-322-1825





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