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Interview several family older family members to see what they remember about how your family first came to America.  Make one sheet for Mom's side of the family, another for Dad's side of the family.  Ask questions of the oldest members on each side.  Here are some questions to ask:
  1. What country did your ancestors come from?
  2. Why did they leave their home country?
  3. Did they come willingly, or were they forced to come here?
  4. When they first came to America, where did they live?
  5. What did they do to make a living when they arrived here?
  6. Did they send money home to support other family members?

Are there things that are the same for both sides of the family?  Did they come from the same country?  How did your mother and father meet?  What year did they meet? 

When your story is complete, deliver your report to your family members.  Pretend you are on television.


Ask your parent or guardian to help you make their favorite ethnic food.  Plan a meal around it.  Make placemats from sheets of construction paper decorated with items found in your home country.  For example, if your ancestors were mexican, make tacos with chips and salsa, decorate your placemats with mexican hats and information on Mexico you find on any internet search engine.  Submit a scan or sample of your placemat ... you could see it online in Pennsylvania Country!!


We welcome famlies to be a part of
our family as we strive
to preserve our ethnic heritage.
We encourage everyone in the
family to join LHHV.
We feel that each of us can make a difference.
Together we can make it happen!

Ask the adults in your life if there are any places nearby that are important to your town's history.  Your building could be on TV as a Laurel Highlands Historical Village Heritage Site!!!

Be Proud Of Who Your Are...
Be Proud Of Your Heritage...