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Laurel Highland's Historical Village

Notable Historical Properties in the Laurel Highlands

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We currently are searching the Laurel Highlands for notable buildings with historical value.   Is there a story behind your home?  eMail us your story, you could be featured on our website and possibly the news!

Please include all historical information so the members of the Laurel Highlands Historical Village can research the property before giving it historical designation. 

George Barn
Built in 1800's

GEORGE BARN Built 1850
Located on Sunflower Lane, in Brush Valley Township, the Barn which was built in the 1800's still stands, and is still a functional working barn. The barn was built by Eli Babich and Neighbors. The barn bridge was added in 1947. The two stone silos were built by hand in the 1930's. These stone silos are unique because they never had roofs on them. The bottom part of the barn was used to milk cows in 22 stauchions. The upper level was used to store hay for feed and straw for bedding. Inside the barn one can still see the block and tackle system used by the early farm community, which is still mounted over head in the rafters. Another notable site with the barn is the beams used in the frame work of the barn. Each beam was hand cut and notched to make a perfect fit.  1937 electric came to the farm, which is 2000 acres big.

Sears Kit House 1928
Mr. John Daealfano came to America via New York and found his way to Johnstown, PA. He married Mary Crupi, a window with 10 children. After the marriage he bought one of the first Sears houses to be built in Johnstown. The cost of the home was around $800.00. A foundation was laid, the house kit then put together. The house is located on rear 140 Catherine Street, in Old Conemaugh Boro. The house still standing and is currently owned by their grandson Phil Liptak. Mr. Liptak is in the process of renovating the home to restore to its original beauty and splendor. During the early 1900's it was not uncommon to find large families living in smaller homes.    

The following Properties - Homes - Buildings - Structures will be given notice as being A viable part of our ethnic history. These properties will be awarded a plaque, indicating their Ethnic and Historical value towards our communities.
  • Zion Lutheran Church Built in 1800's withstood three major floods.
  • Y.W.C.A Building Once a home - of the rich and famous of Johnstown. Built in the 1800's
  • Grave plots civil war - Behind North Fork Dam
  • Fossil Dump - Just off of Broad street in Johnstown. Here old coal mines dating back to the 1800's tell a story of our past.
  • Russell Building in Kernville built in 1800's
  • Great Stone Wall - Located on top of Dishong Mountain of route 22, many local residents feel the wall dates back to the early days of the Revolutionary War.
  • Staple Bend Tunnel - First tunnel built to accomidate canal boats heading to Johnstown and beyond, it is nestled in the countryside and long forgotten.
  • Conemaugh Home - One of only two remaining in Conemaugh with a tower, and the first in town to have running water, which was provided by a stream that ran through the basement of the home!  This property has recently been acquired by our Vice President and restoration has begun!
  • Many amazing churches in Cambria City, where people of various ethnic backgrounds gathered to worship.
  • Largest stand of American Elms in the world, located along Luzerne Street.

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